A Warm Embrace for ALL

I have a dream dear ones … to Embrace Each Soul Around the World. A Heart to Heart Embrace, a Soul touching Soul, and a Knowing of Each Other from a timeless sense of being. How can this possibly happen? A dream to never come true? Oh but dear ones … Read More

*The Vibration of Unconditional Love*

Pure Unconditional Love is the Most Powerful Vibrational Force in the Entire Universe, no exceptions. Unconditional Love is not the sentimental love or attraction between two people or where the word ‘love’ is used so easily as a sign/term of endearment.  It is a State of Energy Vibration, the Purest … Read More


There are times FEAR seems to ‘rule our thoughts’ . . . can even make one look for cover and hide. But I have slowly discovered that FEAR comes from a desire to feel ‘SECURE’ in all aspects of Life. When realizing there is ‘no such thing as Security’ in … Read More

Conditioning and Attachments

Have you ever wondered about the statements on Conditioning and Attachments? I did and went on a mission to understand on a deeper level … here is the short version: Conditioning – what exactly Is It? Attachment – how to get rid of them? Conditioning – is a process of … Read More

Awaken The Mastery Of Self

When we awaken to the mastery of how we manifest our thoughts & feelings consciously. We gain the ability to reprogram our subconscious neuroconnections, but we first must become aware of what lays unconscious. This is what causes our temporary pain/pleasure of our senses, to create an awareness of how … Read More

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