Enhancing Your Life & Awareness With Tarot

Today we speak with friend, advisor, & fellow healer Catherine Fears about the modality of Tarot and how it can aid you in enhancing your life. We discuss the history and usage of this ancient technique, & how Tarot cards have been used throughout time as a tool. They can … Read More

#129 We Are All Equally Human

Today is 1/23/2017 What a historic weekend, so much happened over the weekend where shall we all begin and end the divide between how we choose to be and how we believe everyone else should be? The power of unconditional love is the energy that bonds us all into our … Read More

#127 The Cycles of Our Lifetime Lead Us To…

Life is a like a spiraling staircase and how we choose to identify with the conditional of our minds creates the direction towards the bottom of the foundational universal principles of unconditional love, or towards and through the glass ceiling of our limited beliefs of our known lifetime. How do … Read More

#126 Finding Your Own Drive with Melissa Kirkpatrick

Finding Your Own Drive We all have desires but how do we develop that start-up energy to drive us to get started, be consistent, & be responsive to the shifts of your personal energy flow. Today we talk with Melissa Kirkpatrick about you can empower yourself to overcome any challenge … Read More

#124 It’s All In Your Head

The Experience of life doesn’t need a story; only to relive & share it does it need the creation of a story. The only thing unique in our lives is our everything. Everything is always in a state of growth and movement. It’s only in our conditional thinking do we … Read More

#123 Developing The Unconditional Love in 2017

Ahh yes who doesn’t like the sound of unconditional love? What does it inspire you to think, feel, & experience? Today we talk about how to develop it in all areas of your life. Yes even the unconditional love for money, not the conditional kind of love that is selfish. … Read More

#122 Creating Intentions & Resolutions That Stick In 2017

Welcome to 2017, today we are going to talk about resolutions, intentions, & goals. How to set them, maintain them, & achieve them. stat sources: http://www.statisticbrain.com/new-years-resolution-statistics/

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