I aid you in developing the happy, healthy, & unconditional loving relationships that you authentically desire by aligning your mental, emotional, & physical energies of your being

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Enhancer's Background

Chris started his journey of self discovery in his early teenage years. As he was searching for the internal meaning of why life was the way it was, as he consistently struggled with depression, abuse, & low self worth. Filled with the memories of violence, frustrations, & anger as these were shown to him throughout his daily life. At age 17 he had enough and decided to drop out of school to get away from his average and ordinary family to prove that he was more than what his father told him he could be, would be, or expected him to be. Armed with his passion for life, student mentality & rebellious nature he pushed through the conformity & comforts of his family's structure & traditions. As he continued to seek for success, for fulfillment, for happiness outside of himself he was blessed with many outer successes in his social, professional, & sexual lives he still felt out of balances, empty, & lacking. It was never enough, never enough money, drugs, sex, and other surface pleasures to dull the pain of his being who he was always stressing, striving, & achieving to be more than the day before. Until his breaking point came one day in 2012 as he found himself within the darkness once again. After a devastating business loss that left him without his businesses, an income, & the support of his so called friends as his network seemed to all but abandon him at his time of need. He was back to that place of mental abuse when he was about to release himself from the pain of living. An image of his son & the thoughts of what his legacy would be to his him who was at this time 2 years old. Filled by the overwhelming feelings of love, the past memories of his strengths, successes, & support overflowed his being, and that day was the day that Chris decided this is it, it's time to be happy, it's time to be healthy, & it's time to be in harmonious relationships with not only other people as he did in the past, but to love himself as well unconditionally. He knew that he always did everything with the best intentions, it wasn't until those choices showed him new awarenesses that he wasn't aware of did he react to create the karma of his current condition, and with the enhancement of his personal mental, emotional, & physical energies that he could yield better results that the ones he's experienced throughout his past.

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