I aid you in developing the happy, healthy, & unconditional loving relationships that you authentically desire by aligning your mental, emotional, & physical energies of your being

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Enhancer's Background

What he realized is that is exactly what has awakened him to being in alignment to the higher universal principles that unify us all as human beings. As a Master of Reiki and Tantric Practitioner, he is deeply aware and connected to the universal, unconditional energy surrounding all life as well as sensing what separates us into unique individuals.?? Chris' philosophy is that perception, belief and our unique life experience is what makes each of us special and one of a kind. What brings us together in harmony is how we align our mental, emotional, and physical energies in the present moment - now. He has experienced personally and taught others to reprogram both their conscious and subconscious thinking, feeling, and physical body raising their frequencies of energy and creating mutual happiness, health, and harmonious relationships. After all, at the core, this is what we each authentically desire.??
Personally, he has experienced many of the shadow areas of life. He has always been curious to experience life versus observing it. At times, this has led him down the dark roads of the unknown - as he openly shares his path to overcoming depression, addiction, and many forms of mental and emotional victimization. Now, as a healer and coach, he offers unconditional compassion as he aids others to navigate similar circumstance.?
His life goal and passion is to be of service. Over time, he has developed a unique life enhancing process called GAUGE, which stands for Gratitude, Awareness, UNITY, Growth and Energy. It is a privilege and honor to share these principles and assist you In accepting the beauty and truth of your Self.All of my sessions are designed to be an opportunity to deepen connection with your highest potential for being. Schedule a session in any modality, while knowing I bring all of my tools and strategies to every session, as needed.


I am a Master Reiki Practitioner

Certified Natural Health & Well-Being from Naturalhealthschool.com

Ordained Minister from the Universal Life Church

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