There are times FEAR seems to ‘rule our thoughts’ . . . can even make one look for cover and hide. But I have slowly discovered that FEAR comes from a desire to feel ‘SECURE’ in all aspects of Life. When realizing there is ‘no such thing as Security’ in Life … it simply doesn’t exist … one just needs to make Peace with that.

We always try to change things in our lives to make our lives better, thats OK, we should. But there are limits and it does not always end up like we want, and that’s ok too.

We’ve all heard this~ ‘the only certainty in Life is Change’. That alone is humbling and a surrending to that can bring it straight to the Heart. We are never really “In Control” even if we Think we are … LIFE IS.

Control is an Illusion!

When we find our Inner Strength and Surrender to this, it brings a freedom because we KNOW we can’t control everything. We LEARN to accept what Life brings our way, handle it for our Highest Good, knowing nothing lasts long at all and just keep moving forward … Embracing with LOVE … Life Itself!


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