A Warm Embrace for ALL

I have a dream dear ones … to Embrace Each Soul Around the World. A Heart to Heart Embrace, a Soul touching Soul, and a Knowing of Each Other from a timeless sense of being.

How can this possibly happen? A dream to never come true? Oh but dear ones … it CAN!

A voice deep within tells us its Possible for we ARE BUT ONE! But how . . . “Close your eyes and put your hand on your Heart, feel it beating; it IS the same beating with each and every Soul around the world … for we ARE ONE HEART in many forms.”

So a warm embrace CAN be given to Each and Every Soul in Our World … by Touching and Feeling our very own Heart Beat, holding the Intention Deep Within to FEEL the Embrace for Each Soul. What a Gift!

Close your eyes, put your hand on your Heart and FEEL EACH SOUL in every beat … in one moment of time ~ NOW!

Blessings and Love to ALL …

Dee Marlowe ♥️

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Retired Massage Therapist

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