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When we awaken to the mastery of how we manifest our thoughts & feelings consciously.

We gain the ability to reprogram our subconscious neuroconnections, but we first must become aware of what lays unconscious. This is what causes our temporary pain/pleasure of our senses, to create an awareness of how we can evolve to be more than we were of our past being.

We can’t fix what we are unaware of that is broken. That’s why egoically we’ve been conditioned to focus on the limitations of our physical conditions of our past.

Once we allow the cause of our pain to be, beyond our control, but our suffering beyond those physical moments is, as we are the master of our being both the formed & the formless.

We can then accept life as it flows with gratitude releasing the responsibilities of what’s beyond our being, the mastery of our own way of being, and just relating to how someone else chooses to be; presently.

We all can guide other’s by how we choose to be, but in the same moment also oppress their being for how we believe we are being more than they.


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