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Directional Compassion

What if the root of COMPASSion is to help our inner and outer awarenesses unify?  Can compassion guide us within to be present to the relation-ships of conditions? Can the observation of thoughts, feelings and past results direct our response-ability towards intentional frequencies of mental, emotional and material energy? 
Forethought allows us to intentionally project direction, yet the way we continuously walk demonstrates our presence of being. Regardless if we are being one way or the other, results happen. Hindsight allows us to look back at patterns and to see what at one time we were committed to not seeing.  The perspective of another may still highlight division,  but the more we practice COMPASSionately accepting where we are, the more we can create conscious opportunities to align our higher desires. Ultimately, trust depends on how committed we are to sticking together.  

Talking is a great attention-and-intention-setter, yet it is how we practice walking the talk that demonstrates true strength.  We are one humanity.  The way we express ourselves each day can either grow our bond or divide us, depending on how we practice what we preach (or don’t).

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Higher Vibration Of Consciousness

Raising Our Conscious Vibrations of Being

Raising Our Conscious Vibrations of Being

higher vibration of consciousness
What would it mean to raise the conscious vibrations of your being?

There are many pathways, yet the path we each choose is a reflection of our unique
expression of being.

This highly informative article provides an overview of the journey. I had to share
it because my personal experience has been very similar - it has been- and continues
to be- the most pleasurable, painful and unique experience of this lifetime. 

I have found that as I relate to the universal truths between all stories, it is
possible to find the unity and/or division of the whole consciousness.

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Do You Perceive Problems or Challenges Throughout Your Daily Life?

Do you perceive problems or challenges throughout the conditions of daily life?

I recently went to the TEDx Cincinnati MainStage event where there were many inspirational speakers talking on the theme of “REINVENT.” One of the speakers was a a 14 year old girl, Isabelle “Izzy” Weall  who had lost both her lower arms and legs following a bout with meningitis at the age of 7. 
Not only has she learned to overcome her challenges, living her life to the fullest, but something she said in her talk planted a seed. 
Izzy made a distinction between “problems” and “challenges” – and stated her perspective that challenges are far easier to overcome than problems. 
As I see it, the difference between these two words depends on how each one of us holds them to be true for us when we use them. 
So, could it be that when we see situations and circumstances as “problems,” it is when we are not yet ready to address or deal with them? Perhaps “problems” are what we call things when we are not ready to act to overcome mental and emotional attachments. Whereas when we are ready to seek solutions and address the conditions in a new and different way, then we are able to relate to the very same conditions and experience in a different way – hence, they become “challenges.” In this new light, each challenge we face holds the capacity to make us stronger and to readily flow with the opportunity to be fully alive, creating the life we desire.
You can follow Izzy’s inspirational YouTube channel at
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Unconditional Love, Communicate And Relationship

Love within and beyond our being

We have all been told that there is someone “out there” who will make us fall into Disney love – they will “complete” us and make us feel whole.
On the other hand, we’ve been told that we cannot truly love another until we love ourselves. 
So —  which one is true? 
To me, only our own inner guide can tell us authentically where we are fulfilled and what is lacking. Others may share their personal awarenesses from their perspective.
When we are rooted in our own egoic truth, we are aware of what we know and what we don’t know; what we prefer and do not prefer; what we can do on our own and when we need to grow with another. 
This allows us to be interdependent while being more open-hearted and minded. It allows us to understand that what others offer us and what we are able to offer in turn are our own personal truths, perspectives, and conditions, based on the past. As we accept them, they become gifts of awareness. 
We may not have asked for it, we may not care for it, but to truly accept another is to allow and provide the space for another to be fully themselves. At the same time, we can be aware of how our combined presence affects our collective well-being. Do they accept you as you wish to be accepted? Do they allow you to explore and expand your knowing – or-  do they limit you to only what they know from the past? 
When we gift unconditional love, we give the space to authentically be individuals, not asking another to be more or less of themselves.  We allow them to experience Life the way they wish to live. 
The only thing we can control is whether we wish to include or exclude ourselves in relationship or not. Whether we choose to continue to walk with, wander off or just flat out leave the relationship behind is how we communicate.
Our presence is unconditional love.  So many seek beyond their own being and will never find it as they will always be addicted to the conditions that make them feel how they’ve always felt, be that whole or lacking.
Jessica and I have been together now for over 20 years. We have been soul mates for each other not because we always did, said, or thought the same way, but because we accept, allow and acknowledge each other as individuals with individual wants, desires and impulses coming together in unity. Unconditional love is our practice.
When we hang onto the conditions of the past we limit our experiences of our past. When we flow with life we awaken to the uniqueness of all experiences, allowing life to be what we choose for it to be.
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Rush, Rush, Rush, Until Life Is Gone

Have you every heard this song and thought what am I doing?
Why does this all matter, really matter so much?
Why are we in such a rush, to get to the next destination?

We can only go from this minute to the next, right?

It is when we become more consciously aware of our mental, emotional, & material being that we might shift the effects beyond our being.

Remembering this empowers our capacity and ability to grow intentionally from this present moment now into all those yet to come.

We are all guides to our egoic being – how we teach is how we choose to live; how we preach is how we believe it should be.

Unity within Self occurs when we are at peace within as well as at peace with the environment without.

The days of Roman Rule of our societies’ commerce, politics, & warfare will only end when we choose to stop being slaves to the corporate entities of the U.S.A. and unite our humanity beyond the invisible borders that intellect employs  to divide the world.

Much love and gratitude for everyone who has ever caused me pain, suffering, and loss for you taught me how to live, love, and achieve beyond my past limitations. 

Thank you for sharing the past darkness within me, while illuminating the inner light of my higher way of being.  Your lessons have helped to shape me as well as how I affect those that I serve each and every moment of this journey I call life.
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Sunset Img Of Man

Awaken The Mastery Of Self

When we awaken to the mastery of how we manifest our thoughts & feelings consciously.

We gain the ability to reprogram our subconscious neuroconnections, but we first must become aware of what lays unconscious. This is what causes our temporary pain/pleasure of our senses, to create an awareness of how we can evolve to be more than we were of our past being.

We can’t fix what we are unaware of that is broken. That’s why egoically we’ve been conditioned to focus on the limitations of our physical conditions of our past.

Once we allow the cause of our pain to be, beyond our control, but our suffering beyond those physical moments is, as we are the master of our being both the formed & the formless.

We can then accept life as it flows with gratitude releasing the responsibilities of what’s beyond our being, the mastery of our own way of being, and just relating to how someone else chooses to be; presently.

We all can guide other’s by how we choose to be, but in the same moment also oppress their being for how we believe we are being more than they.

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Nice View

The Past Is Over, Presented As Now, & Predictions Of Our Future

We all have a past that has lead us here.

How we unify here & now creates the foundation to our being more in the collectives of our future.

We have the superpowers to transmute the unlikable of life into the acceptable by the present acceptance of gratitude.

Life is beyond the duality that we communicate as the boundaries of our conditional comfort zone.

This is our mental communications of met & unmet expectations, that we’ve built with our past observations, perspectives, & perceptions of how life should, could, or would be; If…

This is the matrix that keeps us cycling through life experiencing the like/dislike, right/wrong, good/bad.

The highest truth of our collectivereality is it is happening beyond the realm of ego, mind, & the labels we use to describe where we are in our journey of life right now.

Now is the only time that we have the conscious opportunity to go through this experience of reality to become more aware of only what we once had an mental observations from our learning in our past.

The more we hang onto the more there is to block our path the higher bliss, happiness, & flow of unconditional love for what is, and not for what our egoic self would prefer to experience.

I’ve been liberated by the past experiences of being robbed, stolen from, & lied to.

I’ve experienced the good and bad of our humanity being an addicted, adult performer, & entrepreneur.

I’ve awaken to that the more attached we are the physical stuff the more rooted we are in our ways.

The saying to love unconditionally is to set it free and if it comes back it is meant to be truly makes sense to me now.

The energy from our relations with our self, others, & external expectations are the frequencies of vibrations we gain or lose.

The better we tune into stillness, clarity, & unconditionally loving our present experience the higher we vibrate the emotional states of joy, compassion, & presence of being here & now.

What causes all lack in our lives is the attachment to expectations within relationships with people, purposes, & possessions.

Letting go of my attachments to the past, & the expectations of the future has allowed the energy of gratitude to unify my being whole for what remains unconditionally.

Life is an always present adventure. We all have the instruments to GAUGE how to navigate through our now, by the presence of our being.

The internal COMPASSion to our being causing the ripples of effects beyond our egoic being.

This is the flow of our unconditional love it flows consistently.

We become blocked off to the flow it through the attachments of our conditioning of mind/body/being.

Simply our mental attatchments or expectations of what it means to just be here & now, without possessing, without controlling, without labelling, & without conflict.

The more unconditional we are for the experiences of our past being. The higher we can experience by going beyond the mental expectations of trying to live up to, and beyond of how we lived before.

If you are trying, attempting, or expecting to be playing life’s highlights without any of the shadows of contrast & challenges that you will come to experience.

This is the root of attachment of being in relation to your expectations of your being in contrast by how others being.

We each have a singular a frequency of our egoic being, & how we come into harmonious, prosperous, & sustainable relations with others creates our holistic relationships within & without our life.

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Relax, Unwind, & De-stress

Relax, Unwind, & De-stress

Unite The Senses & Energies Of Your Being

This holistic service is designed to create the space to unwind, relax, & let go of the day to day stresses of your life mentally, emotionally, & physically.

Chris Albaugh practices various ancient & modern modalities to aid in the blending of  your mental, emotional, & physical energies. Aligning them into a harmonious & blissful state that comes from being centered & balanced.

This one hour session weaves your energies of body, mind, & spirit into a vibration of balance, peace, & tranquility by utilizing the blending of these ancient practices.

Benefits of this session

Heighten Your Senses & Sensuality of being you, give yourself permission to love the skin that your in again.

Mend & Blend the past, present, & future realms to manifest the lifestyle you authentically desire overcoming the fear that holds you back from truly being comfortable in your own skin.

Harmony & Balance daily life creates many pushes and pulls allow yourself to find your center again.

What to expect

Each session is different depending on the needs & comforts of our clients.

We start each session with music, scents, & candles to help stimulate your senses and to awaken, clear, & balance the chakras.

We will enjoy some light yoga, breathing exercises & meditation to align our energies allowing for the greatest comforts and ultimate experience for you. Once we are in alignment we will continue to work with your chakras with crystals releasing the stored energy blocks creating the emotional and mental energies back to being balanced & centered.

Releasing the guilt, shame, & negative blocks that keep you repeating the same cycles throughout your relationships in all areas of your life.

 We for your convenience & comfort come to your location & service the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, tri-state area.

If you have any questions, or would to schedule your appointment over the phone call 859-982-5607.

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The Karma Behind Fake It Until We Make It

Karma is a Reaction

I once tried to inspire a paradox shift exposing the inequality belief in the duality of our societal systems by being a part of it. I lost everything I gained once I chose to make my stand by going against the grain.

This broke me mentally, emotionally, & almost caused another physical suicide attempt.

But the unconditional love of my family, legacy, & those I surrounded myself with especially the “books, videos, & online information” saved me. Those conditional friends were gone, and all I heard was the missteps I took & not what we can do now that we are here.

I’m now aware that you have to flow with energy. Our egoic self & the collective of our society, humanity, & planet are just the polarities and who we are as a being. The frequency creates the vibration of karmic being of our causes & effects throughout our life. This goes beyond the mind, labels, & knowing as we only know what happened, and fail to ask how can I be more than that experience? How can I surround myself with people that will walk with me throughout the challenges of life & not just the pleasures of the good times?

The system is created to divide between what’s pleasurable/right for some and not for others.

We are all individuals. When we are punished or rewarded by the system by the labels we identify with or pretend that we aren’t capable of being that way, when in fact we can, would, or are behind the closed doors of personal privacy.

This motivates the egoic self through our indentification with our higher internal desire to evolve, to be safe, significant, & loved unconditionally for who we are now. We are remembered by how we are affected after that moment of our being.

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What Does Your Brand Look Like?

Our Legacy Is Our Brand

If your mission in life was to create yourself as a successful brand name of an individual.
What would the way you’re acting out in life say about you so far?

What would people say about your brand, would it be causing more issues, or would it be the solution to our causes that keep us experiencing various levels of mental, emotional, and suffering?

Are you all about creating a harmonious, prosperous, & sustainable lifestyle, or about keeping a “proper” public image?

Are you all about the money, the status, or all about the holistic services that you render just by being you?

What sustains our ability to grow egoically is our desire to be more than yesterday, but that’s the story that we keep mentally, emotionally, & play out in our lives to others physically.

How we focus on our present moment of consciousness is how we’ve been conditioning ourselves to be, either on the external of how we are percieved to be, and/or the internal polarities of how we think & feel. These create the frequencies of our holistic being.

The causes our subconscious to manifest habits that match our intentional way of being, who we are, and the effects we cause beyond ourselves given the limitation that we have no control over others.

How we consciously reflect the collective effects of our social conditions represents our intentions of how we choose to consciously be unconditionally expanding our belief of what truth is.

By the way we experience the magic in our lives that is all around us, and those we get the privilege to invest our time with making this planet a more harmonious, prosperous, & sustainable before we got here.

What happened yesterday cannot be stopped unless we consciously are aware beyond the limitations of what we were told it was, is, or could be.
Chris Albaugh
The Enhance Your World Show
#Unitymindset #unconditionallove

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