What if the root of COMPASSion is to help our inner and outer awarenesses unify?  Can compassion guide us within to be present to the relation-ships of conditions? Can the observation of thoughts, feelings and past results direct our response-ability towards intentional frequencies of mental, emotional and material energy? 
Forethought allows us to intentionally project direction, yet the way we continuously walk demonstrates our presence of being. Regardless if we are being one way or the other, results happen. Hindsight allows us to look back at patterns and to see what at one time we were committed to not seeing.  The perspective of another may still highlight division,  but the more we practice COMPASSionately accepting where we are, the more we can create conscious opportunities to align our higher desires. Ultimately, trust depends on how committed we are to sticking together.  

Talking is a great attention-and-intention-setter, yet it is how we practice walking the talk that demonstrates true strength.  We are one humanity.  The way we express ourselves each day can either grow our bond or divide us, depending on how we practice what we preach (or don’t).


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