Do you perceive problems or challenges throughout the conditions of daily life?

I recently went to the TEDx Cincinnati MainStage event where there were many inspirational speakers talking on the theme of “REINVENT.” One of the speakers was a a 14 year old girl, Isabelle “Izzy” Weall  who had lost both her lower arms and legs following a bout with meningitis at the age of 7. 
Not only has she learned to overcome her challenges, living her life to the fullest, but something she said in her talk planted a seed. 
Izzy made a distinction between “problems” and “challenges” – and stated her perspective that challenges are far easier to overcome than problems. 
As I see it, the difference between these two words depends on how each one of us holds them to be true for us when we use them. 
So, could it be that when we see situations and circumstances as “problems,” it is when we are not yet ready to address or deal with them? Perhaps “problems” are what we call things when we are not ready to act to overcome mental and emotional attachments. Whereas when we are ready to seek solutions and address the conditions in a new and different way, then we are able to relate to the very same conditions and experience in a different way – hence, they become “challenges.” In this new light, each challenge we face holds the capacity to make us stronger and to readily flow with the opportunity to be fully alive, creating the life we desire.
You can follow Izzy’s inspirational YouTube channel at

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