Robin O’ Neal

Facilitator, Creative Dream & Energy Enhancer, Writer & Copywriter

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Robin specializes in deep listening, authentic encouragement, connecting the dots between concepts and people, and honoring dreams.

She holds her M.A. in Communications, is certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. She practices reiki energy healing and is a teacher of Active Dreaming.

Robin is also a bestselling Amazon author and award-winning playwright. As Visionary and Founder of Laugh & Dream Creative Coaching and co-founder of Creative Collaborative Retreats, she has co-created and facilitated a wide range of creative connection programs that have directly impacted the lives of thousands of individuals. As a coach, she has worked 1:1 via phone and in written communication, integrating her skills and techniques to help people complete incomplete projects, explore and comprehend their dreams and create more joy in their daily lives. She is skilled and passionate about helping people who feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated or stuck in their lives or in a specific project.  She has a deep understanding, respect and desire to walk with others as they navigate all aspects of the creative process in process.

Most recently, Robin is excited to be co-partner in Enhancing Your World, where she provides leadership, marketing support, copywriting as well as creative program development.


Service Descriptions

Creative Coaching Discovery Session

This FREE 30 minute phone session is a unique opportunity to have an authentic
discussion about where you have been, where you are now, and what you truly desire.


Creative Coaching Session



Creative Copywriting


Dream Dialogue 1 on 1 Session

LaughPlay Workshops






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