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Our team of ENHANCERS are professional Healers, Coaches and Guides whose services
are designed to enhance your holistic well-being.

To learn more about each ENHANCER and what we each provide, click on our photos.


Creative Dream & Energy Coach
I am a Creative Dream & Energy Guide specializing in deep listening and authentic encouragement. I help people reveal and express the burning desires of the creative spirit. I integrate my training as a Creativity Coach, Active Dream Teacher, Laughter Yoga Leader, Energy Healer and Writer to enhance your clarity, purpose, self-expression, creativity and joy.
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Chris Albaugh
Life Enhancement Guide & Energy Healer
I specialize in unifying mind, body and being, by utilizing universal principles and integrating them into daily practices. My teaching and knowledge are derived from both ancient and modern teachings of reiki, tantra, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy and from my own holistic healing that we use as pathways to enhance your experience of daily life.
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