Karma is a Reaction

I once tried to inspire a paradox shift exposing the inequality belief in the duality of our societal systems by being a part of it. I lost everything I gained once I chose to make my stand by going against the grain.

This broke me mentally, emotionally, & almost caused another physical suicide attempt.

But the unconditional love of my family, legacy, & those I surrounded myself with especially the “books, videos, & online information” saved me. Those conditional friends were gone, and all I heard was the missteps I took & not what we can do now that we are here.

I’m now aware that you have to flow with energy. Our egoic self & the collective of our society, humanity, & planet are just the polarities and who we are as a being. The frequency creates the vibration of karmic being of our causes & effects throughout our life. This goes beyond the mind, labels, & knowing as we only know what happened, and fail to ask how can I be more than that experience? How can I surround myself with people that will walk with me throughout the challenges of life & not just the pleasures of the good times?

The system is created to divide between what’s pleasurable/right for some and not for others.

We are all individuals. When we are punished or rewarded by the system by the labels we identify with or pretend that we aren’t capable of being that way, when in fact we can, would, or are behind the closed doors of personal privacy.

This motivates the egoic self through our indentification with our higher internal desire to evolve, to be safe, significant, & loved unconditionally for who we are now. We are remembered by how we are affected after that moment of our being.


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