We have all been told that there is someone “out there” who will make us fall into Disney love – they will “complete” us and make us feel whole.
On the other hand, we’ve been told that we cannot truly love another until we love ourselves. 
So —  which one is true? 
To me, only our own inner guide can tell us authentically where we are fulfilled and what is lacking. Others may share their personal awarenesses from their perspective.
When we are rooted in our own egoic truth, we are aware of what we know and what we don’t know; what we prefer and do not prefer; what we can do on our own and when we need to grow with another. 
This allows us to be interdependent while being more open-hearted and minded. It allows us to understand that what others offer us and what we are able to offer in turn are our own personal truths, perspectives, and conditions, based on the past. As we accept them, they become gifts of awareness. 
We may not have asked for it, we may not care for it, but to truly accept another is to allow and provide the space for another to be fully themselves. At the same time, we can be aware of how our combined presence affects our collective well-being. Do they accept you as you wish to be accepted? Do they allow you to explore and expand your knowing – or-  do they limit you to only what they know from the past? 
When we gift unconditional love, we give the space to authentically be individuals, not asking another to be more or less of themselves.  We allow them to experience Life the way they wish to live. 
The only thing we can control is whether we wish to include or exclude ourselves in relationship or not. Whether we choose to continue to walk with, wander off or just flat out leave the relationship behind is how we communicate.
Our presence is unconditional love.  So many seek beyond their own being and will never find it as they will always be addicted to the conditions that make them feel how they’ve always felt, be that whole or lacking.
Jessica and I have been together now for over 20 years. We have been soul mates for each other not because we always did, said, or thought the same way, but because we accept, allow and acknowledge each other as individuals with individual wants, desires and impulses coming together in unity. Unconditional love is our practice.
When we hang onto the conditions of the past we limit our experiences of our past. When we flow with life we awaken to the uniqueness of all experiences, allowing life to be what we choose for it to be.
  1. Larkin Sell 1 year ago

    Yay! Congratulations Chris! 😊👍

    I’ll be reading and sharing this with my coaching clients Chris! Thank you.

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