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As Systems Administrator and Communication Coordinator, Jessica is a wholehearted  partner in Enhancing Your World.

Jessica has 20 years of hands-on nursing experience in a variety of settings, caring for patients in every season and stage of life. Her passion for caregiving began in her own home and family where she grew up providing care for her grandfather who had become a quadriplegic following a traumatic, unexpected accident. Since then, she has continued to practice nursing while also creating and caring for her own family. With a strong, compelling understanding and respect for medical modalities and how the healthcare system works, Jessica is also very aware of the benefits of integrating holistic approaches for lasting healing.

Jessica is a Level 1 Reiki practitioner and she continues to broaden her compassion and experience with a compelling motivation to be of service to others.  She also loves to spend time creating custom jewelry with natural stones and crystals.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys nature walks, meditation, quiet contemplation, the growing of plants, live music and connecting in group conversation around a glowing fire.


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