Enhance Your Senses


Relax & Reconnect to your Higher Self

A unique blend of sensual modalities to clear blocks + connect with your internal truth & power.


Enhance Your Senses

Reconnect and Unite The Sensual Energies Of Your Present State of Being
This holistic service was designed from the Tantric Teachings to create the space to unwind, relax, & let go of the day to day stresses of your life mentally, emotionally, & physically.

Our practitioners practice various ancient & modern modalities to aid in the blending of your mental, emotional, & physical energies. Aligning them into a harmonious & blissful state that comes from being centered & balanced.

This session weaves the energies of body, mind, & spirit into a vibration of balance, peace, & tranquility by utilizing the blending of these ancient practices.

Benefits of this session
Heighten Your Senses & Sensuality of being you, give yourself permission to love the skin that your in again.

Mend & Blend the past, present, & future realms to manifest the lifestyle you authentically desire overcoming the fear that holds you back from truly being comfortable in your own skin.

Harmony & Balance daily life creates many pushes and pulls allow yourself to find your center again.

What to expect
Each session is different depending on the needs & comforts of our clients.

We start each session with chocolates, music, scents, & crystals to help stimulate your senses and to awaken, clear, & balance the chakras.

We will enjoy some light breathing exercises & meditation to align our energies allowing for the greatest comforts and ultimate experience for you. Once we are in alignment we will continue to work with your chakras with crystals releasing the stored energy blocks creating the emotional and mental energies back to being balanced & centered.

Releasing the guilt, shame, & negative blocks that keep you repeating the same cycles throughout your relationships in all areas of your life.

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