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We all have a past that has lead us here.

How we unify here & now creates the foundation to our being more in the collectives of our future.

We have the superpowers to transmute the unlikable of life into the acceptable by the present acceptance of gratitude.

Life is beyond the duality that we communicate as the boundaries of our conditional comfort zone.

This is our mental communications of met & unmet expectations, that we’ve built with our past observations, perspectives, & perceptions of how life should, could, or would be; If…

This is the matrix that keeps us cycling through life experiencing the like/dislike, right/wrong, good/bad.

The highest truth of our collectivereality is it is happening beyond the realm of ego, mind, & the labels we use to describe where we are in our journey of life right now.

Now is the only time that we have the conscious opportunity to go through this experience of reality to become more aware of only what we once had an mental observations from our learning in our past.

The more we hang onto the more there is to block our path the higher bliss, happiness, & flow of unconditional love for what is, and not for what our egoic self would prefer to experience.

I’ve been liberated by the past experiences of being robbed, stolen from, & lied to.

I’ve experienced the good and bad of our humanity being an addicted, adult performer, & entrepreneur.

I’ve awaken to that the more attached we are the physical stuff the more rooted we are in our ways.

The saying to love unconditionally is to set it free and if it comes back it is meant to be truly makes sense to me now.

The energy from our relations with our self, others, & external expectations are the frequencies of vibrations we gain or lose.

The better we tune into stillness, clarity, & unconditionally loving our present experience the higher we vibrate the emotional states of joy, compassion, & presence of being here & now.

What causes all lack in our lives is the attachment to expectations within relationships with people, purposes, & possessions.

Letting go of my attachments to the past, & the expectations of the future has allowed the energy of gratitude to unify my being whole for what remains unconditionally.

Life is an always present adventure. We all have the instruments to GAUGE how to navigate through our now, by the presence of our being.

The internal COMPASSion to our being causing the ripples of effects beyond our egoic being.

This is the flow of our unconditional love it flows consistently.

We become blocked off to the flow it through the attachments of our conditioning of mind/body/being.

Simply our mental attatchments or expectations of what it means to just be here & now, without possessing, without controlling, without labelling, & without conflict.

The more unconditional we are for the experiences of our past being. The higher we can experience by going beyond the mental expectations of trying to live up to, and beyond of how we lived before.

If you are trying, attempting, or expecting to be playing life’s highlights without any of the shadows of contrast & challenges that you will come to experience.

This is the root of attachment of being in relation to your expectations of your being in contrast by how others being.

We each have a singular a frequency of our egoic being, & how we come into harmonious, prosperous, & sustainable relations with others creates our holistic relationships within & without our life.


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