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When You’re Ready For Depression To End

We all come from somewhere. Those who aren’t afraid of their shadows have awakened to being more than where they came from.

Depression Starts To End When We Begin Living Again

I used to suffer from deep depression until I started living and practicing the art of GRATITUDE on a daily basis – drawing upon it both for what I am able to control, as well as what is beyond my responsibility or control.

My shift to GRATITUDE came about in 2013, following another deep depression where I was on the edge of another suicide attempt.  Since then, I have been angry… I have been sad…. and I have been disappointed… but never depressed.

With my perspective, I have come to view Depression as a symptom. For me, depression is the hopeless feeling that consumes us when we believe we are not living up to expectations (our own or others) – when we believe there is some other way we “should” be other than how we are. When we can let go of “shoulds” and expectations (internal and external) and instead find ways to be authentically grateful for each and every experience along this journey of life, the last place we desire to be is at the end. 


I share this to let you know – You are not alone and when you’re ready to walk into your highest well-being, I am here to walk with you.  I am here to serve as a guide out of those lower vibrations of stress, depression and addictions and into the joy of being authentically present, here and now.
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