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Raising Our Conscious Vibrations of Being

Raising Our Conscious Vibrations Of Being

Raising Our Conscious Vibrations of Being

higher vibration of consciousness
What would it mean to raise the conscious vibrations of your being?

There are many pathways, yet the path we each choose is a reflection of our unique
expression of being.

This highly informative article provides an overview of the journey. I had to share
it because my personal experience has been very similar - it has been- and continues
to be- the most pleasurable, painful and unique experience of this lifetime. 

I have found that as I relate to the universal truths between all stories, it is
possible to find the unity and/or division of the whole consciousness.

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Chris Albaugh

I am a healer and coach specializing in enhancing our world by helping individuals live consciously in the presence of NOW. As founder of The GAUGE Method, I practice and teach powerful universal principles allowing people to live happier, healthier, and more harmonious lives.

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