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We are currently working on our site. Please stay tuned as we create a new virtual commUNITY! We are excited to share more details about how to join Enhancing Your World Member CommUNITY very soon!

We are also eagerly preparing for the LIVE Launch of Enhancing Your World Holistic Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Please join us for A Very Special Gathering Open House the weekend of Oct 10-11, 2020. We would love to see you and learn how we can bring holistic modalities to enhance your world.

Are you an Enhancer? Enhancing Your World Holistic Center is looking to align with local massage therapists, acupuncturists, yoga teachers, energy healers, coaches, nutritionists and other Holistic-based practitioners who are seeking space for 1:1 healing or to teach classes and workshops. 

We offer ongoing opportunities to build your own book of clients while earning money, creating your own schedule and connecting with a community of soul-centered entrepreneurs. 

To learn more about aligning with us at Enhancing Your World Holistic Center, click the link and complete the quick application.

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