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What people have shared about their experience with us

“Blessed & Grateful”

“As a recovering alcoholic and highly sensitive person on the planet, I  feel blessed and thankful for the power and peace that practicing The GAUGE Your Life Method has offered and continues to offer to my daily life. Over the years since I learned about this Method, life has served up many challenges – and I have especially relied on the practices of GRATITUDE, AWARENESS and GROWTH during times of personal heartbreak and family struggles.  I return to the GAUGE Your Life philosophy and my ever-evolving understanding of it in all aspects of my life, physical, emotional, mental, financial – even sexual. This Method has helped me to heal myself from addiction and trauma  and realize my own power to experience wholeness, manifest happiness and tap into authentic well-being, no matter the external circumstance.”

Robin O
Rating: 10

“Brings me Balance, Calm, Peace and Bliss”

Working with Chris for me brings balance, calm, peace and bliss. I feel open after my sessions more understanding, giving, tolerate and loving. It is something like a reset for my body. Similar to guided meditation but feeling like I have the physical guide with me. Consistency is key. It feels like opening a door, unlocking my true self, but cracking it open isn’t enough. It needs to be open wide to let all the light in or it will slowly close. I am very grateful to have started this process, meeting Chris and being on a journey of discovery, rediscovery and healing.

Quinaia Kellogg
Rating: 10

“Absolutely Amazing”

I have recently had two amazing Reiki sessions with Chris Albaugh, and I had no idea of what to expect, as I am new to having this experience. The setting was very calming, the music was soothing and Chris has a masterful way of working with energy.  I found the use of stones to be very interesting! I’m not a person that “feels” the shift physically, but I felt the shifting of energy more in an emotional way – feeling very relaxed and mentally calm. The hour went by very fast, and its the kind of thing where you’re sad that its over.
I highly recommend Chris as a Reiki Practitioner, and I’m looking forward to my next session.
Debbie Laino
Rating: 10

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