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Chris Albaugh



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Original Founder and Visionary for Enhancing Your World, Chris specializes in unifying the energies of mind, body and BE-ing, utilizing universal principles and integrating them into daily practices. He helps people struggling with addiction, stress, anxiety, grief, trauma and being out of balance.  He offers the ability to be present and connect with unconditional love – self and others.
Besides Recruitment, Relationship Enhancement and overall leadership, Chris lives, breathes and facilitatethe GAUGE Method (Gratitude, Awareness, Unity, Growth, Energy). Each principle stands alone and all work harmoniously together. Customized to you, GAUGE weaves mental, emotional and physical energies into alignment, providing support and encouragement to live an authentic, happy, healthy and harmonious life.
His training and knowledge are derived from both ancient and modern teachings of reiki, tantra, meditation, cognitive behavior therapy as well as ongoing study and practice.
Chris has held an impressive number of jobs in a variety of fields – including sales, marketing, talent manager, business owner, actor, photographer, healer, speaker and talk show host. He has experienced great external success – and he also knows what it is to lose everything. He has acquired real-world knowledge and wisdom.  His greatest desire is and always has been to help people.

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Reiki Master, Reiki Crystal Master, Natural Supplement Nutrition, Ordained Minister

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