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    Do you seek self-discovery and ever-expanding knowledge and understanding about consciousness?

    Ignite and illuminate your knowledge. Spark new connections with yourself and with others. Enlighten yourself and enhance your life.

    AWARENESS Membership includes access to:

    • Social Community of Enhancers
    • Extensive YouTube Video Library
    • EYW Weekly Live Podcast Posts
    • Select Online Programs
    • Limited access to Online Office Hours (OOH) Time – private coaching & personal enhancement with Enhancer Practitioners

    All of this for ONLY $9/Year!

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    Are you looking for a safe community of holistic-based, kind-hearted people to help expand awareness and grow your business and yourSelf to the next level?

    Breakthrough and go beyond current conditions as you take advantage of the encouragement, connection and wisdom this monthly membership opportunity makes available for you.

    GROWTH Membership includes access to:

    • All AWARENESS Membership Benefits
    • Create, Promote and Sell Tickets to your online and Live Events
    • Monthly LIVE Group Events and Workshops
    • Extended access to OHH Time (Online Office Hours)

    All for only $19/Month

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    The GAUGE Your Life principles are designed to harmonize the vital energies of BEing – mind, heart, body. 

    The GAUGE Your Life principles guide healing from the past, create peace in the present, while simultaneously enhancing the future.
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    Ready to bridge the gap between healing where you have been and enhancing how you presently move into the future?

    (BEST Monthly Membership Opp!)

    • Gain access to all of the benefits of AWARENESS & GROWTH
    • Honor yourSelf with the gift of 2 Enhancement Services of your choice each month (Over a $200 Value per month)

    All for only $99/Month

  • Enhance Your Energy
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    Experience the Power of Energy Healing

    Custom hands-on energy healing to re-energize and promote peace & calm.

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    Clarify your Deepest Desires

    1:1 Focused guidance session to gain perspective and help align the desires of mind,body and BE-ing.

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    Release & Reconnect to your Higher Self

    A unique blend of sensual modalities to clear blocks + connect with your internal truth & power.



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