$3.33 / year
Are you seeking to enhance the quality of your own life?   The Enhancer Membership serves those who are seeking people, products, services, relationships and resources to enhance their life and our world. This entry level membership provides access to a heart and soul-centered community that will inspire, motivate and build you up. Join today and gain immediate access to -
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Access to View the expansive and compelling Enhance Your World Video Library
Access to View our dynamic Enhance Your World Online Group Forum
Healer & Guide
$29 / month
This membership is for professional healers, coaches, teachers and guides. We are here WITH you and FOR you. This membership is designed to renew your original inspiration for the important work you do by connecting to a community of others who understand your work, value what you do and want to help you reach the people who need you. With this membership you have ongoing, immediate access to this energetic, conscious and thriving community of Seekers and Enhancers. The Healer & Guide Membership is a unique opportunity to experience people coming together in a spirit of cooperation vs. competition. We want to make it easy for you to find and retain clients, so this membership option provides a central location where clients can find and book appointments and maintain consistent, relevant communication with you.  
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Holistic Centers
$49.99 / month
This membership is ideal for holistic healing centers, retreat and/or conference centers and any other physical venue that seeks to enhance individual lives through any healing modality. Here you will find a unique community of individuals who share similar passions, yet a variety of skills and offerings. This is a fantastic bridge to help you easily connect with high-quality, heart-centered professionals who can help bring conscious classes, workshops and programming to your place of business. With this membership, you may market, promote and sell tickets to events. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to collaborate with other Enhancers to increase awareness, visibility and efficiency of your place of business.
All of the Basic Enhancer Membership offerings
Access and listing in the Enhancer Member and Location Directories
Post blogs and videos through EnhancingYourWorld Media channels
Discounts on live trainings and retreats
Holistic Vendors
$9.99 / month
This membership is ideal for artists, creatives, healers, coaches and guides who offer tangible holistic healing products ( artwork, heath supplements, skin/body care, essential oils, etc) and virtual services (workshops, trainings or online coaching programs and groups).
All of the Basic Enhancer Membership offerings
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