Chris Albaugh


Holistic Energy Enhancer

I help to unify the energies of mind, body and BE-ing. I seek to serve and walk with people who struggle with stress, anxiety, grief, trauma and lack of balance.

My approach to healing is derived from both ancient and modern teachings of reiki, tantra, meditation, cognitive behavior therapies as well as ongoing study and practice.

I am the original founder and visionary for Enhancing Your World, focusing on recruitment, program development, marketing and, mostly, keeping it real.

I strive to practice and teach the GAUGE Method (Gratitude, Awareness, Unity, Growth, Energy) every day. This practice weaves mental, emotional, physical and sensual energies into alignment.

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Chris's Service Descriptions

Enhancing Your Life Coaching

Expand your Capacity for Unconditional Love
Enhancing Your Life is a customized exploration of five Universal Principles that will help transform your daily experience of life  
G ratitude
A wareness
U nity 
G rowth
E nergy
When you intentionally and consistently engage with your own capacity to expand your most authentic self + have your very own guide to share the journey beside you, GAUGE Your Life principles will enhance harmony among all the vital energies of BEing – mind, heart, body.
GAUGE Your Life Coaching begins with

Enhancing Your Life Discovery Session

This FREE 30 minute phone session is a unique opportunity to have an authentic
discussion about where you have been, where you are now, and what you truly desire.
During this session, we begin to DISCOVER …
  • Your personal strengths and challenges
  • The best ways to empower growth beyond past limitations
  • How we can unite to effectively and authentically enhance your life

Relax, Restore and Rejuvenate

Reconnect and Unite with Energy and Presence
Uniting ancient and modern modalities, each session is designed to help you align energy to increase harmony and balance. 

This holistic service is based on a unique combination of tantric teaching, reiki and extensive study of mindful gratitude. 

Together, we create the space to unwind, relax and let go of daily stress – mental, emotional and physical.
Each session is customized for the client and may include music, movement, breath work, meditation as well as chakra balancing, sound healing, crystal therapy and relaxation massage.


  • Release fear, guilt, shame and negative blocks that perpetuate old unwanted patterns in all areas of your life.  
  • Mend and blend your past, present and future realms, allowing all to empower manifestation of what you truly desire. 
  • Heighten energy and sensual pleasure – accessing the wholeness and authenticity of your highest Self.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki offers stress reduction and relaxation as well as physical healing. It aids in healing in all areas and is also a powerful, simple and proactive modality to prevent dis-ease of all kinds. It is safe and effective for anyone and everyone and is safe to use along with any other modalitiy of treatment.
Administered via “laying on hands,” reiki heals and moves the unseen “life force energy” that flows through us all.  When this “life force energy” is zapped or out of balance, we are more likely to get sick and succumb to stress; when it is high, we more easily flow into happiness, optimism and well-being.
Reiki feels like a wonderful glowing radiance flowing through and around your entire being. Many have experienced miraculous results, especially when utilized consistently over a period of time.
Chris’ reiki sessions are often accompanied by crystals being placed on or around you, with the purpose to bring chakras into alignment.

Speaking – Presentations, Team Building & Workshops

Chris Albaugh offers a variety of topics for presentations or workshops based on your specific needs. He can speak to a group or provide interactive experiential sessions for group engagement).
Topics include his experience and extensive knowledge and experience in areas of:
Mindset & Habit Development (Enhancing Your Life universal principles – Gratitude, Awareness, Unity, Growth, Energy)
Holistic Energy Healing (Reiki, Chakras, Crystals, Alternative Strategies for Proactive Well-Being)
Addiction & Recovery (Substance Abuse, Trauma)

Creative Artistic Portrait Photo Session

Are you ready to see yourself through a new lens?
Shift your own perception in this 1 hour photo shoot, taking time to re-discover the beauty within that shines through you.
As a skilled and long-time photographer in multiple modalities, Chris Albaugh is passionate about helping you to re-discover the authentic essence of your being, revealing yourself to you in artistic and creative ways. Each session is based on your level of comfort and personal self-expression. Ask and receive. Utilize an hour to capture this phase of your humanity in artistic photography for fun, for your lover, or for your own self empowerment.


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